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Experience a new dimension of agent play.

The world is divining into blocks. The invisible curtain is strengthened. Most important of all is the knowledge of the other sides next move. You have to be willing to share information if you want to get it yourself. To find the right piece, you have to observe the environment. This time the agent game will be happening in your town.

Observe your fellow passenger

You can never know if the person standing on the corner of the street is a player. Or maybe that man on the park bench. Would the following clue have been found behind that tree? Who exactly gives these tasks?

Complete tasks and Earn cryptocurrency

In this game, you get tasks that can be environment observation, information exchange or even the searching for a valuable object. The game takes place in the real world, so you move around the city collecting points – which can be converted into a cryptocurrency! As you ascend levels up, the tasks become more challenging, but also better rewarded. This agent game is not only exciting, it’s also rewarding in a whole new way.